Discovered a Neat Little Park

I've lived in Tottori for about a decade now, and there are still some things I discover for the first time.

There's a park (I'm sure it's got a name) between the road and Koyama Lake, located between the Tottori University Fuzoku schools and Fuse. I had had thoughts of visiting it for a long time before I finally did, and discovered it's a quiet and pleasant place to stop off and eat a boxed lunch between appointments.

I didn't take any pictures because I don't own a proper camera, and the lousy lens on my cheap mobile telephone wouldn't do it justice.

There are several small boats tied to the moorings at the water's edge near the school grounds, and the reeds grow tall all along the golf course and recreational grounds that extend toward a path with central boulders and foliage, and benches planted among rivulets and creeks where photographers like to capture the lives of wood ducks.

There are also trollises with vined plants, grasses and flower plots, and the whole thing is well manicured without appearing unnatural.

I just hope it doesn't end up overrun with people. Since it seems to have been quiet for this long, though, I have high hopes.