Turtle Season

Stopping by the park of the last post whenever I get the chance leads to some interesting discoveries. I still haven't explored the whole thing, but when it's on my way between jobs I stop off there to enjoy a midday meal in the blissful absence of people noises. (There are some people, but they stay at a safe distance for the most part, and largely the only sounds are the call of birds and the waves of Koyama Lake gently lapping at the rocks.)
This little turtle was meandering around the paved path. I don't remember seeing markings like this on the underside. It was a tiny little beastie, and probably not entirely safe from traffic. Of course it retracted into the shell when I picked it up, but came out a bit to see what was happening when placed in the grass.
At the water's edge it turned out there were a few very large specimens (probably not the same type of turtle, but I need to study reptiles and amphibians a lot more to know the difference) sunning themselves on the rocks there. You can almost see them in the picture. There was also a very large duck further to the right, which remained there washing and bathing for a goodly long time.