Not Raining So Much Just Yet

I was probably saying the same thing around this time last year. The rain hasn't started yet. A little boy insisted to me this morning that we're now in the rainy season, but there hasn't been any precipitation in nearly a week.

The torrential downpour we did have last week, though, did wonders for the earth. It loosened the soil enough for a grand weekend of weeding the entire garden, and besides sent the zucchini and kabocha plants on a growth spurt that still continues.

The neighbours across the way were flooding the rice paddies over the weekend as well. It's that time of year.

Pleasantly enough, we picked the first fruits this morning: Two misshapen bell peppers and an aubergine of decent size. (I should have taken pictures. Next time.)

Temperatures remain warm without being unpleasantly hot. Nearly daily rainfall followed by soaring temperatures is just around the proverbial corner. We should relish this idyllic period while it lasts.