Really Cool Mt. Everest Website

Somehow I failed to discover this site last week, when I was teaching a commemorate lesson on Mt. Everest at ESLLibrary.
Sir Edmund Hillary and his Sherpa accomplice Tenzing Norgay ascended the peak of the tallest mountain on earth for the first time in human history on 29 May 1953. Before and since numerous climbers have tried and died, and several thousand have succeeded in Hillary's footsteps up to the present day--but I never saw an interactive map of the journey before. takes the user from the base of the mountain to what is now known as the Hillary Step, almost as high above sea level as most commercial aeroplanes fly, and from there you can move your mouse around to look down at where you started the trek, and all the way out to the green horizons of Nepal and China stretching away from the leagues of ice and snow.

The view spins if you hold down your mouse, and you can actually get dizzy and nauseous. At least I can. But then I'm just a Luddite who's amazed by virtual mountain climbing.