2017 JET Orientation

Last week provided me for yet another opportunity to entertain and possibly educate the new crop of youngsters freshly arrived in our remote city. I had a particularly good feeling about this particular group, in that they were more responsive and asked more questions than most groups in the past. I'm not sure I'll meet any of them again, but I can say with a moderate degree of confidence that I at least made an impression on them. I only had five minutes to introduce and explain all of the emergency and disaster preparedness goods on offer at the end--and yet enough interest was provoked that not a few came up afterwards to find out more information and where they could buy certain items. Some even dared to sample the bread-in-a-can and other unsavoury delights, of which we shall certainly have to prepare in greater abundance next year. (Perhaps surprisingly, all of the emergency rations seem to get eaten before their extremely long expiration dates.)

Be honest--you'd really like to try this, wouldn't you? Wouldn't you?