Cool Snap

In the space of a week, the season has changed. Just last week everyone was still calling it summer, and today the label of autumn is unanimous.

It's pleasantly energising, actually. The apex of summer was brief, but it contained few days with temperatures below 30. Besides, the humidity was awful. It weighed down on a body and made every task a tedious chore. I fear that before long the cold will have the same effect. For now, though, it's a delighfully crisp temperature that heralds the changing colours in the foliage.

As a side note, Tokyo has been getting some hideous rain. I saw some footage of people slogging through it up to their knees (of course, still trying to use their telephones in the midst of the downpour, something I wouldn't do, but all the new models are probably waterproof by now).

Write to me and tell me about the natural freakishness in your part of the world.