An Unimportant Message for 2018

Cross into our colourless, slush-filled domain and join me for a vapid meander through a netherworld neither urban nor rural. At this time of year the space beyond these walls is even more damp and dreary than usual, and has not yet reached the coldest point of the year. (Rest assured that it isn't really all that cold--it just feels that way. Verbal reports from friends and family in the US and Canada say it's down to the -20s over there, while it hovers around a paltry 0 here.)

There is little in the way of joy or folly this time of year, of course, unless we create it our own bad selves, which is why I present this timely gem from the interwebs, 20+ Science Facts We Didn’t Know at The Start of 2017. If I may be permitted to cherry pick, biology afficianado that I am, I might recommend the discovery of a new human organ called the mestentery, the fact that our lungs produce blood, and that the brain begins to digest its own matter when we don't sleep enough. (Plus there are eye-grabbing links on the sidebar with titles like 'It's so cold in Canada a zoo had to bring its penguins inside'.)

If you're more into the banal and mainstream, get a load of this map of the world with captions indicating what happened where in general news in the world. (I'll save you the trouble and summarise: A couple of politicians assumed office, there were a few natural disasters and a whole lot of terrorist violence, and Bob Dylan got the Nobel Prize for Literature, whatever that says about the state of human civilisation.)

That's all I can come up with for now.