First Big Snowstorm of 2018

First Big Snowstorm of 2018

The quiet flurry came and buried us overnight. There must have been a good 20cm piled up in the garden when I looked out this morning, and I was glad for the newspaper delivery man that the paper had already decided on a holiday in advance. I shoveled a neat little tunnel from the door to the street, and by mid-day the bricks of the walkway were dry.

Although at the moment it's surprisingly warm for winter, the weather forecast still calls for 90% chances of snow every day till the weekend. That means that whatever doesn't melt today is likely to increase over the course of the next several days.

One interesting thing I learnt from this is that a storm warning (警報) does not always equate to a school cancellation. I telephoned ahead to the primary school where I've been helping with some classes, and theirs were indeed cancelled; and yet the little tykes in my neighbourhood were dutifully marching off to our local school, laced up in their knee-high boots.

I just bought a pair of those last week myself. I had had the kind of semi-galoshes that only go up to the middle of the shin, and snow kept getting inside them whenever I had to walk anywhere because bicycle tyres wouldn't turn in the snow.

Now, of course, the tyres will turn on the roads easily enough, but the surplus snow is piled up to overflowing the shoulders, so it wouldn't be a good idea to take out the bicycle even if I could remember what approximate area of the car park it's probably buried in.