At the New Location

A review from the ground, of the new TPIEF lodgings, would be the most apropos topic for this week's post, wouldn't it?

We're still not completely settled into this office, but we are here and we are operating. The general atmostphere is still as if we're only here temporarily. Being downtown should bring us within easy reach of lots more folks, what with the train station nearby and not having to climb a big hill to get to the airport and all that. We haven't had many visitors yet. I'm hoping that will change when the bookshelves and tables are set up. But of course it will have to change. We can't have a Foundation without visitors.

In time, we will all adjust to the smaller space. Right now there is still a blockade of cardboard boxes and some trash that needs to be taken way from the (for now) large open space where the books and tables and decorations will live. The committee that chose our location surely had some very good reason, and since our leaders are wise it must surely be for the best. One of the obvious advantages is that everyone on the team is well within mumbling distance--no more getting up and walking to someone's desk to get their attention. We'll all be a big, happy family. We just need some visitors to come in and talk to us. In addition to the public relations benefits, this will be good for our legs, because it gives us a reason to get up and visit a different part of the room.

But we will only be lonely for another two weeks. Once all the decor is in place it will be a cosy and inviting little office. Then we can welcome you all to the bunny hutch. We still have hot tea to offer, and all that stuff--and we have a view of a whole bunch of other neat buildings.