Large Trash Removal (Yonago)

June 07, 2018

It's hot and I can barely think, but it's long past time for an update, and at last I have a topic. Generally, I'm expected to provide information about, and suggest solutions for, problems experienced by so-called 'foreigners' living in Tottori. Since life in Tottori doesn't actually cause any real problems for me personally (well, except for their constantly raising taxes and looking for ever-more intrusive ways to reduce my income, but that's a different story), I have to count on others to provide issues for me. For better or worse, I actually know very few 'foreigners'. Most of the white folks I know around here are permanent immigrants, and thus know how to navigate the system and the culture at least as well as I do. But lo and behold, someone contacted me in my capacity as English Coordinator and presented me with a genuine PROBLEM.

The Problem was the removal of unwanted objects that are too large or too heavy to be disposed of in the usual manner of carrying them to the local 'gomi station', a generally enclosed (to keep out raccoons and wild boars) space in which the legally-sanctioned plastic collection bags are piled, or the copious amounts of whatever is allowed to be put out that day are dumped into the designated blue receptacles. Most things can be removed from one's life thusly, but on occasion we have to asport items that regulations preclude the usual collectors from collecting for us.

A bit of a personal aside: I have visited the city dump several times, and even getting them to take things can be an ordeal. You have to go to a different place to dump burnable and non-burnable items, and either facility will insist you dismantle most things yourself and remove parts that might possibly be acceptable to the other facility. They weigh your car before and after, and charge you by the kilo for how much less you weigh on leaving.

I also remember the collection trucks with the loudspeakers that go through neighbourhoods a few odd times during the year announcing that they will take 'absolutely anything' you want to throw away, and they'll take it 'absolutely free'. In my experience, though, when you actually flag them down and ask them to take something, it always turns out that 'absolutely anything' 'absolutely free' excludes whatever it is you happen to want them to take, and there is a hefty collection fee.

But now I live in Tottori City, I know where the dumps are, and we have a family van that can haul away all sorts of things. Person with Problem, on this occasion, lived in Yonago, and we've been informed that Yonago City does not offer a specific municipal service dispatching trucks on an appointment basis to pick up large or very heavy refuse.

After trying a few dead ends, we hit on the SOLUTION. The number to call, for reference now and in future, is the Clean Center in Sakaiminato. The number is (0857) 59-1802. They keep a list of a few private technicians who will come to your residence to haul things away. (I won't provide the three numbers I was given, because they are mobile telephone numbers of technicians who might change by the time anyone encounters this dilemma again, while the number of the Clean Center will never change, and they will always have an up-to-date list.)

The thing to keep in mind is to always plan ahead and contact them in advance. Two appointments are necessary. Private technicians need to visit the residence in question once to inspect the objects to be removed and collect the appropriate removal fee, and then again (possibly with a different technician, in a different vehicle, because the nature of the refuse determines what sort of truck and labour is necessary) on a different day for the actual haul. The owner of said refuse must be there both times.

They work quickly, and in a pinch can do it all in the space of a couple of days, but telephoning about a week in advance of actual pickup, if possible, will make things go much more smoothly.