Phasing Out the Blog

This has been a long time coming, but in tandem with the revamping of the TPIEF web site this year, news and interesting tidbits are being relocated to the English Facebook page, Tottori niko-niko.

No events or local outreach projects have taken place in a long, long time, and there isn't much to report other than the never-ending, seldom-changing Covid-19 situation, but articles will continue to be posted weekly with as much variety as possible. Recent postings include an update from the Animal Quarantine Services branch of the government detailing the prohibition on importing meat products into Japan, following the discovering of pathogens in certain processed meats. (If you didn't get that message, make sure not to bring in any meat products from overseas! The penalties are stiff.) We've also put up some information about translation apps for the magic telephone which, at time of writing, don't work particularly well, but are worth exploring for what they are. 

The Facebook page does have a direct messaging function, which is an improvement over the blog, which offers no way for readers to provide feedback. As of yet, the Facebook page has received no comments because comments are not encouraged (and because no one wants to be the first to do anything) but they would be read if they were made, and possibly referenced for future posts. Feel free to send us a direct message there, though, and we will respond in some capacity! 

The blog will be discontinued in April.