Last Gasp

For some reason, now that spring is around the corner, Tottori decided to have a last gasp of winter. Namely, a day or two of (very light) snow, with temperatures as low as -3°C overnight. That's just under 27°F. I believe back in New York we used to call that 'autumn weather'. Anyway.
At this point I'm persuaded that the weather of the world has gone completely berzerk. I don't actually see any point on commenting on it anymore. But until someone out there admits to reading this blog and providing some input as to what they'd like me to write about, I'm kind of stuck with post-hoc meteorology.
So it's also a sort of last gasp for the writer, who continues on without feedback or inspiration, simply because he's been enjoined to and there are days when nothing else comes down the pipe. 
Take care, don't slip on any icy pavement, and don't catch any new form of pneumonia. Or any form, really. Be healthy, at least until the trees bloom.