Humourless April

At last glance at the map , the worldwide infection count has passed one million, a tenfold increase in the past two weeks. Last week there were six prefectures in Japan without any reported cases, down to three this week. Those of us in Tottori consider ourselves very, very lucky.

Traditionally, 1 April was the day for pranks and practical jokes, made all the easier with all the social media in use today. Even last year news outlets deadpanned obviously ridiculous ‘news’ stories (which many people ended up believing) and even police departments around the world announced absurd new ‘laws’ in their newsfeeds.

This year, though, few seemed in the mood to celebrate. The most popular exception, so far as I’ve heard, has been parents in places where schools are still closed tricking their children into believing they had to go to school—once dressed and ready, the children arrive at the front door to find an ‘April Fools!’ sign.

That’s pretty much the best we can do, under the circumstances. Things are getting downright depressing.