Email Communication with TPIEF and Your English Coordinator

Just in case anyone happens to stop by here before sending a message, or after having sent a message, or if it has ever even crossed your mind to send a message--here's a 'heads up'.
Among many problems with our web site, the 'enquete' function (inclusive of the 'comment' button at the bottom of this page) sends an automatic message to my TPIEF email inbox. This ordinarily might not be a problem, except that our email server is programmed/firewalled/vaccinated against Yahoo! and Gmail addresses. There are probably others to add to this list, but these are the ones we know so far. We know it because when we try to reply to them we receive error messages stating that the recipient doesn't have a Yahoo! account, or a Gmail account, as the case may be. Even if they do.
For this purpose, our administrators have set up an additional email account, namely, for the sole purpose of communication with those we are unable to reach through our conventional email channels.
I became concerned enough to post this here because the brief time since I joined the party in the above address, I have sent half a dozen messages to individuals who asked questions through the 'comments' system or some similar facet. I understand that in most cases I probably provided the individuals with enough information in my answer that they didn't need to say anything else, but in a few cases I did request information that might enable me to better serve them, and I have yet to receive a response. Not a single one.
Of course, half a dozen messages is not statistically significant; it could be just mere chance that no one has responded. Maybe they're busy or changed their minds or lost interest in whatever it was they were asking us about.
But it is also possible that the messages I sent to them got eaten by their SPAM filters or otherwise lost in cyberspace.
If you, my hypothetical reader, happen to be someone who sent us a message and you think you have not received a reply, you might want to run a check for messages from My reply to you is probably lurking there, somewhere, in the great abyss.