More on Contacting Us by Email

I mentioned it three entries ago, but it bears reiterating because of problems that have occured in the interim. Not that I can be sure the people who need to see this are actually going to see it, but it's worth a try.
People occasionally leave messages through the Comments system on this web site. They go to my (the TPIEF English Coordinator's) TPIEF email address. Something funky happened with the server that prevents (or at least obstructs) contact with certain major email providers.
That problem is, ostensibly, circumvented through the use of our Gmail account at When the system bounces messages back to me after I reply to them, I try again from Gmail, copying and pasting the original correspondence there.
A problem we've recently encountered on this front is misspelled email addresses. Please, please, check the spelling of your email address when you enter it into our Comments system. Especially for people who leave no other contact option but that one, correct spelling is absolutely essential.
Please be aware that if you do not receive a reply to any correspondence you send to us, the probability is overwhelming that it owes to one of the causes listed here.
As I side note, it perhaps bears restating that if we reply later than you would like, it may be because some of us are not in the office every day. I for one am here only thrice per week, which means there is sometimes a lag between the time you send the email and the time I'm here to read it. uple of days because I'm not here every day and I don't check it remotely. I don't own a smartphone (gasp! blasphemy!) and even if I did I doubt it would be set up to latch me to TPIEF email 24 hours a day.
And by the way, if you want to make sure, don't be afraid to visit us in person. It's why we moved to this central location in the heart of the downtown area, after all.