...And the Final Post

This morning we were awakened in the wee hours by hideous-sounding hail with brutal winds to match, continuing late into the morning. Although the skies cleared, the temperature remains--at last--actually wintry. On the bicycle from my neighbourhood to your friendly TPIEF office, it finally felt like December should feel. Combined with the inchoate nasal congestion from inhaling twelve months of wet, mouldy dust excavated from seldom-touched corners of the house, we should all be ready to welcome the decade's turnover with a truly heady holiday feeling. Perhaps--and I know this is unlikely--the first post of 2020 may contain some mention of snow.

But the eggnog from the last post turned out grand, not at all like that gross slime we made last year (in the interest of good taste, no link to that one), and the recipe actually linked there does produce a delightful brew if you follow it correctly. 

To all of my hypothetical readers, who are likely to remain forever anonymous, from all of us at TPIEF, we wish you a very happy New Year.