For Everyday Safety

Take care to avoid heatstroke on hot days!

Keep these six points in mind to avoid overheating:

1. Keep your indoor spaces cool.

2. Drink plenty of water.

3. Take breaks and short rests.

4. Stay out of direct sunlight.

5. Check on your children and elderly members of your family.

6. Stay up to date on the latest weather reports and heatstroke warnings.

Consider where and when to use face masks to prevent the spread of Covid-19 during social activities (current 2023-03-13)
○ Decide whether to wear a face mask according to the situation.
○ Wear face masks while in medical facilities or among senior citizens.
○ Abide by the preferences of business and shop owners and event managers.
Continue to maintain basic protocols such as avoiding close spaces, keeping distance between persons, circulating air, sanitizing hands, and observing cough etiquette.

A “new normal” standard for business activities is encouraged to reinvigorate society and economy while keeping the spread of Covid-19 under control as we learn to live with the virus.
Point 1: Exercise good judgement regarding face masks
Point 2: Maintain safety protocols when traveling in and out of the prefecture
Point 3: Take advantage of free testing
Point 4: Keep these points in mind when dining and attending events
Point 5: Take care to avoid infection at home and at work

The new Omicron variant of Covid-19 is making its rounds through the country. Preventative measures are also effective against this variant. Remember to avoid ①Confined spaces with poor air circulation, ②Crowded areas, and ③Close contact situations, and remember to always wear your mask and wash your hands!