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Pamphlet explaining system of specialist volunteer interpreter dispatch to educational, government, welfare, health, medical, and other establishments

School, Day care or Nursery, Municipal OfficeWe dispatch community volunteer interpreters
Request an Interpreter
For Interpreter Use
Medical InstitutionWe dispatch volunteer medical interpreters
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Support Services for Foreign Residents

Communication Support
Native Tangue Consultaion
Japanese-Language Study


Japanese Classes

Great chances to improve your Japanese ability!


TPIEF Activities

Introduction to TPIEF activities


International Coordinators

International Coordinator Introduction


Lending Library

We have a selection of Japanese study materials and magazines that you can borrow for free!


Volunteer Registry

7 types of volunteers in registry


Shops and Facilities Guide

Shops and Facilities Quick List


Form for Event Information Form for Foreigner-Friendly Shops, Medical Centers, and Other Facilities
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Coordinator Blog
  • 2016/07/27
  • The Well Is Dry, Man
  • In a rural area a farmer was assigned a well by the king. The well was dug on that portion of the la...
  • 2016/07/26
  • 夏天来了!!
  • 阴雨绵延的日子总算结束了。这也代表着炎热的夏天正式到来!! 各位喜欢夏天吗?日本鸟取的夏天真的很短暂,真正感到炎热的日子大概一个月不到吧!但是因为我每年夏天都带着孩子回台湾过暑假,所以其实感触没有那...